Located 32 miles east of Salt Lake City, Park City, Utah is recognized worldwide as a tourist hot-spot. Whether it’s hosting Olympic events, serving as home base for the annual Sundance Film Festival, or enticing winter sports enthusiasts to its numerous ski resorts, the visiting population of Park City easily surpasses the number of permanent residents. Still, there are nearly 8,000 individuals who reside in the city year round, with a number of families calling the Aspen Villas at Park City apartment community “home.”

With attractive amenities and proximity to the downtown area, the 88 units at Aspen Villas at Park City have nearly a 98 percent occupancy rate. But as a landlocked municipality, the availability of water in Park City is scarce, and the cost of this natural resource was extremely high for the property. Looking for ways to reduce costs, as well as lower its other utility bills, Aspen Villas worked with CFG, Moen Incorporated’s multi-family brand, to install Cornerstone® water-saving showerheads and low-flow faucet aerators into the kitchens and bathrooms of each unit.

Cornerstone Showerhead

“Our property spends tens of thousands of dollars annually on water bills alone,” said Karla Cruz, property manager at Aspen Villas at Park City. “We knew there had to be a way to lower those costs, without jeopardizing our residents’ daily experiences.” Cruz and her team worked with CFG to install 85 showerheads and 170 aerators in the bathrooms and kitchens throughout the property in September 2012.

Switching to the CFG products has made a palpable impact on Aspen Villas’ bottom line: the property has experienced a 25 percent reduction on its water bills, and a 10 percent savings on its sewer bills when comparing the same eight-month period from 2012 to 2013. Also, because less hot water is being used by the new CFG showerheads, they’ve seen a reduction in the gas bill as well, with an additional savings of 23 percent during this same time frame.

Faucet Aerator

"Our team was extremely satisfied with CFG products; as we were able to save more than $20,000."

Karla Cruz, Property Manager, Aspen Villas in Park City, Utah

Reducing water usage, increasing satisfaction

The Cornerstone® water-saving showerhead from CFG was installed throughout Aspen Villas’ units. The high quality showerhead is designed to provide the durability multi-family properties need, while ensuring a lower total cost of ownership. Best of all, the showerheads are certified to meet WaterSense® criteria, meaning the fixtures meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines as environmentally responsible and efficient products. The showerheads provide a water savings of up to 30 percent, versus a standard model that flows at 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm). Flow-optimized aerators were also added to both the kitchen and bathroom faucets in each unit. These aerators use up to 30 percent less water, and are an easy, low-cost retrofit to any existing faucet.

“Our property management team was extremely satisfied with the impact the CFG products had from a cost-savings perspective; as we were able to save more than $20,000,” explained Cruz. “But even though the amount of money we saved was remarkable, we also wanted to gain feedback from our residents about their experiences with the products on a daily basis.”

Reducing water usage and increasing satisfaction

To ensure that the residents at Aspen Villas were satisfied with the performance of the new CFG products, a survey was distributed to each unit. It inquired if the residents had noticed a difference in the shower since the installation of the low-flow CFG showerheads, as well as if there were any changes in the performance of the kitchen and bathroom faucets with the low-flow aerators.

“Honestly, we were a little nervous as to what the responses would be,” Cruz added. “When we communicated that we would be making this change, there were residents who were not on board with the idea of a ‘low-flow’ shower. But we were pleased to learn that they’re extremely happy with these products. In fact, many didn’t even notice a difference and even commented that they preferred the new showerhead.”

Aspen Villas resident survey

"The number of work orders coming in for faucet or showering problems has gone down significantly since the switch."

Karla Cruz, Property Manager, Aspen Villas in Park City, Utah

Alleviating maintenance issues

In addition to lowering the property’s operating costs, switching to CFG showerheads and aerators has drastically decreased the number of maintenance calls for plumbing-related issues. “The number of work orders coming in for faucet or showering problems has gone down significantly since the switch. We used to regularly receive calls from residents that their kitchen faucet was malfunctioning; but since the installation of the CFG aerators, we haven’t had any maintenance issues.”

Not only have there been fewer service calls to units, but Aspen Villas has not had to replace any CFG products since they were installed. “The main reason we looked for new plumbing fixtures was for the water savings,” Cruz said. “But the durability and reliability of these products is an added bonus for our property. We only have one maintenance worker on staff; by reducing the amount of time he has to devote to plumbing issues, he’s able to focus his efforts elsewhere.”

CFG decreased number of maintenance calls

Because the switch to CFG products has had such a positive impact at Aspen Villas, not only would Cruz recommend the brand to other properties, she said they’re looking to make additional updates in the future. “Now that we’ve seen the difference these products make – especially in our water bills – we’re considering installing additional CFG products throughout the community, as well,” added Cruz. “Working with CFG has been a great decision for our property and we know we’ll continue to see the impact of this partnership well into the future.”

CFG Aspen Villas at Park City Utah


¹ Water usage monitored from January 2012 to August 2012; and January 2013 to August 2013 to calculate 25 percent savings.

² Sewer usage monitored from January 2012 to August 2012; and January 2013 to August 2013 to calculate 10 percent savings.

³ Gas usage monitored from April 2012 to August 2012; and April 2013 to August 2013 to calculate 23 percent savings.