Improved Operating Income

CFG offers proven value for life. In fact, an independent survey found that CFG faucets cost 36% less to maintain compared to other brands. For property owners, this accrues to improved operating income and an increase in overall property value. You can’t argue with total lower cost over the life of every CFG faucet you install.

Energy Efficient Faucets

What’s more, CFG is dedicated to improving your business in other ways. We’ve teamed with the United States Green Building Council® (USGBC®) to conserve the water supply and promote water efficiency through the LEED® program. Such initiatives have earned us recognition as an industry leader for outstanding sustainability practices.


Elevated timeless design

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In-demand transitional styling

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Baystone collection


Customer-pleasing traditional look

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Hardworking functionality for maximum ROI

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On-trend modern design

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One-handle classic faucets

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Standout modern style

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Minimalist style complements any contemporary bathroom aesthetic

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