From simple single-head showers to combinations of both tub and shower, valves are a critical component of any shower application.

This section is designed to provide a basic overview of all of CFG's shower valve options and help identify which valve you are working with, as well as to provide troubleshooting information.

CFG Valves

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All CFG Dimension valves are pressure-balancing to protect users from "shower shock" due to a sudden change in either hot- or cold-water pressure elsewhere in the plumbing system (i.e., toilet flush) by adjusting the flow of water to maintain a consistent water temperature. CFG Dimension valves feature a self-contained pressure-balancing spool located upstream from the water shutoff to minimize sticking. Water temperature remains +/- 3-degrees F, regardless of demand elsewhere in the system.

Easy Switch: With CFG Dimension valves, you can upgrade from cycling to volume control without replacing the valve. Instead, simply exchange cartridges and trim.

CFG Valves

Cycling Valve

  •  Cycling valves feature point-of-use reversibility – great for back-to-back multi-family applications
  •  Handle rotates from cold to hot to control water temperature
  •  Does not provide volume control

Volume Control

  •  Volume control valves allow users to control both the temperature and the amount of water flowing out of the faucet
  •  Handle pulls out to adjust flow and rotates to control temperature