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To help you select the right products and maintain them for years, we provide the right people, the best performance and the right partnership to get the most from your investment.

We understand the needs of multi-family properties.

About CFG Company

Overview of Installation Benefits

Faster Installation

On average, our faucets take 10 minutes less to install than competitors'.*

* Based on a third-party administered survey of property managers and maintenance personnel, commissioned by Moen.

Multiple Valve Connection Options

CFG shower valves are available with multiple plumbing connections. You can get optional IPS and CC connections in the same valve. Plus, prefabricated valves with PEX and CPVC are available for less work on-site.

Quick-Connect System

Our kitchen faucets with side sprays come with quick-connect. A telltale "click" lets you know the connection is secure for easier, faster, leak-free installation with no tools required.

Optional Quick-Install Flexible Supply Lines

Select CFG products come with pre-installed 24-inch braided flexible supply lines and 3/8-inch connections to decrease the total number of connections made on-site.

Pro-Fit™ Installation System

Drill it, screw it, click it. On our Edgestone® accessories, the single-screw mounting system uses a pre-attached hollow wall anchor for fast, solid installation. We have eliminated the hassle of set screws with a simple locking tab that holds the Pro-Fit posts firmly in place.

No More Time-Intensive Putty Jobs

On many CFG faucets, non-messy Neoprene™ gaskets on the bottom of the deckplate take the place of plumber's putty to prevent leaks while also saving on materials costs.

Design and Dependability

Ceramic Disc Technology

Ceramic disc cartridges stand up to severe temperature changes, water conditions and supply line debris. A survey of property managers and maintenance managers reported 35 percent fewer cartridge replacements than competitor faucets.*

*Based on a third-party administered survey of property managers and maintenance personnel, commissioned by Moen.

PVD Finishes

Our PVD finishes maintain aesthetics and reduce maintenance and tarnish issues, allowing for long-lasting great looks in the bath or kitchen.

Standard Setting Durability

With the tough, high-use demands of multi-family environments, durable fixtures are nothing less than essential. We asked an independent third party to test ours, and their 50,000-cycle handle strength test validated that our products outperform many branded and private label competitors.

10 Year Limited Warranty

CFG offers the multi-family industry's most comprehensive 10-Year Limited Warranty on Slate®, Edgestone®, Baystone®, Capstone® and Cornerstone®. Flagstone® offers a One-Year Limited Warranty.

Easy Installation

When you add up the time saved on fixture after fixture, the benefits to your bottom line are considerable.


On average, our products take 10 minutes less to install than our competitors'.*

CFG Fast Installation

Manufactured in the USA

CFG is committed to providing faucets that comply with the Buy American Act (BAA), so we offer a selection of faucets that comply with this standard.