Lavatory Faucets

CFG manufactures many different types of lavatory faucets, which are presented in the following categories: one-handle, two-handle centerset and two-handle widespread. We've engineered our products to have low-flow rates that save water without compromising performance or consumer experience.

Each lavatory faucet we make is WaterSense┬« certified for performance and efficiency, featuring a 1.2 gpm flow rate and delivering savings of up to 45 percent compared to a standard 2.2 gpm flow rate. And, all lavatory faucets have handle stops to prevent rotating past flow shut-off point.

Lavatory Centerset Faucet

Product Offering

Lavatory Faucets

One Handle Faucet

Many one-handle faucets can be installed without a deckplate, allowing for a clean, stylish appearance on one-hole sinks. One handle controls both the volume of water flow and the temperature.

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One Handle Lavatory Faucet

Two Handle Centerset Faucet

Two-handle faucets are a lavatory faucet. One handle controls hot water, and the other controls cold. Temperatures can be adjusted by controlling the volume of water flowing through each water line with the handles. Hot and cold water lines connect to the base of each side of the faucet.

Also known as 4-inch Centersets, these two-handle faucets feature handles that are attached directly to the faucet body spanning 4 inches between the hot and cold lines.

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Two Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet

Two Handle Widespread Faucet

These faucets operate exactly the same way as two-handle centerset faucets; however, their handles are separate from the faucet body. The distance between the hot and cold lines is expanded to 8 inches.

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Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet